Saturday, November 19, 2016

Artem Lobov vs Teruto Ishihara: UFC Fight Night 99

Artem Lobov vs Teruto Ishihara: UFC Fight Night 99

Promotion : Ultimate Fighting Championship
Date : November 19, 2016
Venue : The SSE Arena
City : Belfast, Northern Ireland

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  1. Almost looked like the fix was in on this one. Just judging by what happened after Ishihara knocked Lobov down. It was like he purposely stopped fighting pretty much immediately after the knock down. Plus, Ishihara's usually really aggressive and has big power in his hands but probably didn't throw more than 5-10 power shots in the first two rounds. It looked like something was up, I've never really agreed with those who say some UFC fights are fixed and as a huge fan I hope I'm wrong. There's been really suspicious stuff in the past loads of times(quick stoppages, non stoppages, fighters acting completely out of there normal character in certain fights and of course the most obvious and most often being terrible judges decisions)but I've always dismissed as part of this sport. Definitely gonna keep my eyes open for more signs of fixing in the future.

    1. ? You just sound like a whiny casual bitch of a fan trying to make excuses. If you knew what you were talking about you would know Ishihara is not an aggressive fighter he's a counter striker which makes him more passive until being thrown on. As for Fighters looking out of normal character? You mean all the wannabees trying to act like McGregor? Cause if you're talking about Alvarez being TKO'd and dropped many times in the fight that would be because he has been dropped many times before and Conor has legit hands. Also, good takedown defense I assume you're talking about that fight because this is a SBG guy fighting and people just love to make excuses and hate on McGregor. Also, as for bad judging I'm sure you're talking about Diaz vs McGregor 2 which was judged completely right Conor did win that fight and it was close but still the edge goes to McGregor because the 3 knockdowns, Takedown defenses, and a takedown of his own. Stop being a baby and making excuses.

    2. lol talk about casualfag conor fan so far up his ass Connor can taste him on his tounge, he didnt mention conor one time and you go on and only mention Connor fights and starts to defend him even though noone even attacked him. There has been ALOT of other fights were the judges decision have been worse than freaking horrible and also were fighters have gone down strangely easy and the judges stopping it super fast.